Volvo has the reputation for making cars that are modern in appearance and luxurious. The Volvo V60 is a sporty wagon that you can view at Smith Volvo Cars. This vehicle has a spacious interior, and it is equipped with many nice features. The V60 Inscription adds some nice touches to the exterior and interior.

If you opt for the Volvo V60 Inscription, you will get a vehicle that has chrome accents on many parts of the exterior. The trim around the vehicle's side windows is all chrome. There are additional chrome features on the main grill, and chrome features extensively on the outer grills.

The interior of the Volvo V60 Inscription also has some nice standard features. One of these is the Harman Kardon audio system. This premium sound system produces gorgeous sound that you and your passengers will be able to enjoy no matter where you are inside the Volvo V60.



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