Check Out These Volvo XC60 Safety Features

Safety features are just one of the reasons the new Volvo XC60 has exploded in popularity. These are a few of the reason’s motorists are excited to get behind the wheel of this luxury compact SUV at Smith Volvo Cars.

One way your new Volvo XC60 helps to increase safety on crowded roadways, allowing the Blind Spot Information system to identify vehicles too close behind you. If the system discovers a vehicle in adjacent lanes in your blind spot, your side mirror flashes a light so you're aware which lane to avoid until that vehicle has cleared from that location.

Your new Volvo XC60 has the ability to reduce instances of distracted driving, by monitoring the surface of the road and alerting you if drifting from the lane occurs. The Lane-Keeping system uses radar and sensors to identify distracted driving, then vibrate the steering wheel so the driver recognizes the issue and takes corrective action.

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